Culture of Caring

Culture of Caring

The “Culture of Caring” is the heart and soul of a VIM clinic. It is based on an ethical standard in medicine that was once practiced and should be again. How people are treated during a visit to the clinic is as important as the medical care they receive. Those who come to our clinic are good people in need of help. Surviving on limited resources, they often exhibit great courage simply trying to get through each day.

Our “Culture of Caring” recognizes the strengths of those in need and respects their dignity. We seek to heal not only physical illnesses, but also the injury caused by bias, prejudice and indifference. Policies and procedures for implementing and maintaining the “Culture of Caring” have been established and are a required component of VIM clinics.

-Dr. Jack McConnell, Founder


” May we have eyes to see those who are rendered invisible and excluded,
Open arms and hearts to reach out and include them,
Healing hands to touch their lives with love,
And in the process heal ourselves. ”

Faith Inspired

This community Volunteers in Medicine health and wellness clinic approaches each client as a whole person, who has all the common problems of living in our society, in addition to their current illness. We believe that everyone we see can take charge of improving their own health by making better informed choices, through what they learn from us, and the support they receive from Space Coast Volunteers in Medicine.
Health and wellness includes body, mind, and spirit. We address the illnesses of the body, to the fullest extent of our resources and that of our affiliates. We support the mind and spirit of our clients by providing each client with wellness counselors, also with spiritual support Navigators for whatever level of faith the client self-indicates. The inspiration of the faith of the volunteer staff is what brought this clinic into existence, and we share that foundation of our service through SCVIM to the community.

-The Caring Staff of Space Coast Volunteers in Medicine


‘Whatsoever you do for the least of my brothers, that you do unto me.”

-Matthew 25:40