Board of Directors

Board of Directors 2014

Charles-SmallwoodDr. Charles Smallwood
Dr. Smallwood joined the Space Coast Volunteers in Medicine (SCVIM) organization in 2013 as a physician volunteer. He was elected to the SCVIM Board of Directors in 2014 and now serves as the Board of Directors President. Dr. Smallwood is board certified in Internal Medicine and practiced Occupational Medicine at the Kennedy Space Center for 22 years. He currently works as an occupational medicine consultant and assists with occupational medicine related business development.Statement from Dr. Smallwood:SCVIM is a tax-exempt organization under Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Code section 501(c)(3), serving as a charitable organization. SCVIM is part of the larger Volunteers in Medicine nationwide network, the nation’s only nonprofit organization dedicated to building a network of primary healthcare clinics for uninsured individuals in local communities. The IRS Code permits tax-deductible contributions, which SCVIM uses for operational needs such as facility upkeep, equipment, materials and supplies as well as limited patient assistance with additional medical testing as indicated. Board of Director members, staff members, and volunteers do not receive financial compensation for their SCVIM services; they provide their time and resources free of charge.Healthcare is a needed commodity in relatively short supply, particularly in the light of today’s cost of medical services. Although Florida utilizes federal and state funding to support medical insurance and medical providers, numerous individuals lack sufficient access to medical care and / or lack medical insurance. SCVIM stands in the gap for the uninsured in Brevard County; however, the gap remains large. The SCVIM Board of Directors strives to reduce the uninsured gap through obtaining tax-deductible funding from business, community, individual, and grant resources. SCVIM’s most important assets are the volunteers who provide free medical and dental care! Our volunteer healthcare providers include physicians, dentists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, medical technicians, medical assistants, and administrative and clerical staff. Volunteers make SCVIM possible.If you want to volunteer, please visit the SCVIM website to start the process or feel free to email us with your interest. Business, local entities, and individuals who cannot volunteer their time can help reduce the uninsured gap through tax-deductible donations, please visit our website or call us to learn more about how you and / or your business can help.I’m pleased to be involved in the SCVIM organization and hope you will join us!

Charles Smallwood, MD, MBA

SCVIM Board of Directors, President

Dr. Greenberg - Vice President
Dr. Mitchell Greenberg
Vice President
Dr. Mitchell Greenberg has been in practice is a Chiropractor in Melbourne and Merritt Island since 1984. He currently owns and runs his dream practice called Injury Treatment Solutions which uniquely combines a medical doctor, chiropractors and physical therapy, all under one roof. Injury Treatment Solutions focuses on the treatment of patients involved in traumatic injuries such as automobile accidents. In addition to his practice, because of patient injuries caused by car accidents due to cell phone distractions, Dr. Greenberg started a non-profit company called Hang Up ‘N Drive to educate individuals about the dangers of distracted driving due to cellphones.


Because of the growing population of uninsured patients in Brevard County who cannot afford healthcare, Dr. Greenberg, Paul Ringenberger, Gene List, Sister Clara and a number of other volunteer nurses, doctors and support staff started a FREE medical clinic called Space Coast Volunteers in Medicine in Palm Bay. Space Coast Volunteers In Medicine opened in April 2011 and after only 9 months gave away approximately $500,000.00 worth of free medical (and dental) services and is expanding every day.


I joined Space Coast Volunteers In Medicine the minute that I was asked. “Americans have too many problems already; they should not have to mortgage their house, just to get health care”. So, I am proud to work with all of the wonderful people at Space Coast Volunteers In Medicine to give desperately needed health care to the underserved people of Brevard County. “The truth is that the joy and appreciation from our patients at Space Coast Volunteers In Medicine is so much better payment than money could ever be that I almost feel selfish because I feel like I get more out of helping than those that we help”.


Now, for 2012-2013, Dr. Mitchell Greenberg has been elected as President of the Board Of Directors for Space Coast Volunteers In Medicine. With approximately 90 Volunteers In Medicine clinics in the United States, as president, Dr. Greenberg has the distinction of being the first ever, Chiropractor to be President of the Medical Clinic, Space Coast Volunteers In Medicine in the country. Dr. Greenberg was the first member of the Founder’s Society and has naming rights to rooms at the clinic.
Sue Hale
Sue Hale has been a Brevard County Resident since 1989. She graduated from Indiana University in 1982 and began treating patients while continuing her education in Occupational Therapy. Sue specializes in the treatment of Upper Extremity injuries and opened The Hale Hand Center in Melbourne in 1999. ” I have been blessed and privileged to do something I love for so long”Sue is married to Jim Hale who is a multi media teacher at Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy. They have two children, Steven and Kayla who are now grown and married.

Sue is active in her church, Life’s Oasis in Melbourne. She loves to run, sew and travel in her free time. ” I look forward to being involved with Space Coast Volunteers in Medicine as I believe in community, and what better example then to care for people who cannot get care elsewhere due to unfortunate life trials”

Dr. Patricia Zylman
Information coming soon.
Audrey Joiner, ARNP
Audrey Joiner graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Master of Science in Nursing Administration as well as Adult Health.Audrey worked as a Nurse Practitioner in a local cardiology practice and later for Health First Home Care. Audrey is an adjunct faculty for eBrevard at Eastern Florida State College. She currently volunteers at SCVIM as the Assistant Medical Director.Audrey is married to Stephen Joiner and they have two children, Austin and Chelsey. She is on the mission leadership team at Georgianna United Methodist church and enjoys running, triathlons, traveling and working on the family farm in Kentucky.Audrey was elected to the Board in July, 2013 and was appointed Executive Director effective, 8/28/13.
Jim Barfield
Jim Barfield
Emeritus Advisory Board Member.
According to Jim Barfield, his greatest joy comes from providing services to the men and women who defend our freedom. As President/CEO of Luke & Associates, Inc., a medical and professional firm in Merritt Island, he has been able to work with his team to find qualified medical professionals to serve our armed forces across the nation since 2004.Jim has lived the majority of his life on the Space Coast of Florida. He completed his Bachelors of Science in Environmental Health at East Tennessee State University. In addition, he earned a Master of Public Health Degree from the University of South Florida concentrating in Health Policy and Management. Jim was named as Space Coast Business’ 2010 Business Leader of the Year.States Jim Barfield, “Nobody really knows what the future holds for health care in the U.S. What I do know is that there are solutions for providing basic health care and it begins with our local community. The Space Coast VIM is about community; neighbors using their skills to work together to improve the health of the community because they care, not because they have to. Isn’t that the way it is supposed to be?”